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​Chris Dudley



F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S


E V E N T S​

"One of many up sides, was countertenor Chris
Dudley. His straight-tone voice, with an effortless if not otherworldly patina, could have filled two auditoriums."  SEE

Alfred Thigpen - The Washington Post



New Season Back In Session, 2020

"Chris Dudley is a countertenor that sings with great expression."  SEE

Tim Smith - The Baltimore Sun

"Countertenor Chris Dudley offered forth a sound of stunning beauty and vocal depth"  SEE

Patrick McCoy - Washington Life Magazine



DIRECTING the District Eight

Music: Tallis Lamentation, Tomkins, Byrd, and some Spirituals

Location: Williamsburg Presbyterian Church


Took a break from the music scene to focus on my new family; my wife works strange hours, and my being gone for gigs was becoming a challenge - I also was going into real estate full time which gave me a lot more flexibility within my schedule.  I was around, but only singing at church.


2019-2020 season: UNDERWAY

Happy to say that I am back - slowly starting back into singing with the old groups I used to be in.  My son is going on 6 years old now, and we have a good network of sitters and family close-by; real estate is also flowing well, to a point that I can start to take on more of a music commitment like before.  I hope to be able to do more solo and chamber music chorus things and re-start The District Eight, which also took a break when I did. 

S T U D E N T S​

If you're arrived at this website, you're almost in the right place - please click here to be re-directed to the teaching page for 2019-2020 Season.

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